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Cavitation   Tecnocav 1100 - Cavitazione
TECNOCAV 1100 is an ultrasonic cavitation device for beauty treatment. It produces low-frequency ultrasonic waves and is designed for a specific purpose: to clean the hypodermic tissue and eliminate defects in microcirculation.
The mechanical cleaning effect of the TECNOCAV 1100 reduces adiposity in the treated skin tissue and re-enhances circulation, while ensuring comfortable, non-invasive treatment.
The basic principle of ultrasonic cavitation is the formation of bubbles and cavities in a liquid where ultrasonic waves produce compression and vacuum waves.
When cavitation is applied to parts of the body featuring high adiposity, the pressure produced by the formation, expansion and implosion of the microbubbles is applied to the adipocytes – that is, the fat cells. These cells, featuring extremely delicate membranes, break and release the content (the fat) most of which, having a lower molecular consistency than the actual cells, can be absorbed into the lymphatic system (that eliminates sweat and urine).
TECNOCAV 1100 breaks down adiposity in a gentle and gradual manner; each cavitation cleaning session also comes with a lymphatic drainage session, allowing the body to expel the fat in liquid form.
The combination of these two procedures makes the skin look more toned, firm and velvety, and ensures clear reduction of the treated area within just a few sessions.

Tecnocav 1100   Technical specifications
Power supply 230 Vac, 50-60 Hz, ±10%
115 Vac, 50-60 Hz, ±10%
Maximum input power 40 VA
Double fuse 500 mA Rit. 5 x 20 mm
Backlit LCD display for viewing and checking work parameters grafico 240 x 128 pixel
Programmable treatment time fino a 30 minuti
Transmitting frequency 59 KHz ± 15%
Settable Duty Cycle 10% - 100%
Constant output power 2 W / cm2 ± 20%
Intermittent output power 3 W / cm2 ± 20%
Output channels 1
Protocols recordable on user memory 50
Protocols recordable on SMART-CARD 50
Container on wheels. External dimensions (width x height x depth) 42 x 168 x 92 cm
Machine body weight 32 Kg