Equipments for solariums and beauty centres

Denheb 360 Denheb 360
A professional high-pressure sunbed.

Wide range of colors , standard and customized.
Tecnosun solariums comply with the minimum irradiation limit of 0.3W/m² for overall tanning in a few minutes and in maximum safety.
Denheb 360 Denheb 360    

New technology: circular reflecting parabola-reflects more UV rays with less exposure time and lower power consumption.
Anti-panic design: stays open, ideal for people who are afraid of being “closed in”.
Speed: bulbs placed at 360° on 3 columns in the upper part and on 2 in the lower
Comfort: powerful ventilation system which evenly distributes cool air over the body.
Tanning quality: each of the 5 columns is equipped with 7 circular reflecting parabolas, resulting in a more even tan.
Easy maintenance: “book” type opening of the columns makes it easy to clean the filters and change the bulbs.
Standard equipment:
• 35 bulbs (400W each) in a vertical position on a circular reflecting surface
• filtering system to eliminate harmful UV rays
• electronically regulated forced ventilation for the body and face
• computerised control system of the main solarium functions
• predisposed for T-MAX


• round glass parabola for a better emission quality, less heat and more power
• HI-FI stereo with CD player

• speakers for cable radio connections
• painted on request
• booster ventilator for cooling the body
• flexible tube in PVC to pipe out the hot air from the solarium

Technical details:
• Width inches: 104,41
• Depth inches: 65,01
• Height inches: closed 57,09
• Feeder box dimensions: 37,43x15,76x35,46
• Power Kw: 15
• Bulbs: 35x400W with vertical insertion
• Power connection advised: 3X32A+N+pe
• Exhaust air pipe connection diameter inches: 15,76
• Cubic meters air/hour: 2.100
• Minimum room dimensions inches: 118,2x98,5x106,38
• Certificates: UL - CSA - CE

Denheb 360