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A small room offering great benefits

The salt room, a novelty in the field, has finally come to Italy. It is a prefabricated room structurally similar to a sauna and all covered in salt (with salt on the walls, floor and ceiling). It measures about 2 x 2.5 metres and can take up to 4 people. The whiteness of the environment has a relaxing effect on the person inside; his pleasure is further enhanced by optical fibres that exploit the principles of chromotherapy, creating a play of light on the salt crystals. The beneficial properties of salt help to create a pure microclimate of constant temperature and humidity; a fan guarantees a constant flow of clean air.

The properties of salt
The main reason for the feeling of wellbeing in the room is, naturally, the salt, a substance of unlimited properties. Above all, it ionizes the air: it recreates negative ions that unfortunately feature little in the environments we normally live in, and makes the air healthy. The salt room can help cure sinusitis, laryngitis, bronchitis and problems with asthma, also because the air inside is rich in carbon dioxide, encouraging you to breathe deeper and more heavily. Salt is also hygroscopic (able to absorb humidity), helping to clear the airways and relieve congestion, alleviate tiredness, increase circulation and strengthen the immune system. Scientific research has demonstrated that a single 30-minute session can have the same effects as 3 days at the sea. Perfect also for de-stressing, the salt room is recommended for sportspeople wishing to recuperate after muscular exercise or for anyone seeking a moment of relaxation.

As easy ad breathing
No special preparation or particular clothing is required to enter the salt room; the user need only enjoy the silence, listen to music or watch a DVD. And whatever form of relaxation he chooses, he will naturally inhale the salt’s micro-particles circulated by a special device, with ensuing benefits for health.

The best cure, even for children
The salt room is suitable for people of all ages; in fact, for the first time in the field of beauty treatment, it suits a category of person no-one had ever considered: children. This new turn is very positive and promising as the customer base is broadened to include young children, while allowing mothers and fathers to accompany them. Young children can enjoy themselves in the salt room as they would at the sea: they can play to their heart’s content on the floor (and even watch a cartoon) and find the sessions so fun that they will look forward them to every time.

We arrange personalized campaigns
The salt room can therefore be installed at a spa and also welcome children, or as part of a wellness course intended exclusively for adults. Tecnosun can provide all the means for preparing a communication campaign in line with the target public: you will of course special publicity support if you wish to include young children, for advertising at schools and pediatric hospitals.

To have one... just ask!
It is much easier to install a salt room at a centre than you might think: the room is reasonably small and requires no special arrangements so can be easily installed in any building. Furthermore, it is economically viable: its energy consumption is the same as that of a small household appliance.