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The rules of the game – Tanning Equipment
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To find out more about the safety features, download the pdf file entitled “Le regole del gioco – Apparecchiature abbronzanti” (The rules of the game – Tanning Equipment), written by Engineer Giorgio Tomaselli, an expert in the field.
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Legislation on sun lamps: we make it clear
We put health and safety first and foremost so we thought it proper to inform ourselves and explain to you, our customers, what new legislation has arisen in this field. To find out more please download “Le regole del gioco” (The rules of the game), an article written by the engineer Giorgio Tomaselli, an expert in the field who offers a scientific approach to the matter. Much more information is also available in our magazines.

The latest information, in brief
In June 2006, the European Scientific Committee on Consumer Products (SCCP) brought out a scientific document. Comments included a word on a lapse in the legislation. One shortfall is that, in Italy, there is no properly defined maximum limit of effective irradiation*, regardless of the class of sun lamp; the Scientific Committee therefore requested a maximum limit of 0.3W/m². For this change to be implemented, it gave the authorities a year to change the regulations in force.These are several key points, in brief:

It is TRUE that:
from 23 July 2007 all tanning equipment traded in Italy, whether new or old, must comply with the maximum limit of effective irradiation at less than 0.3W/m². Each machine must therefore come with a document testifying and certifying its compliance with the maximum limit of effective irradiation.

It is FALSE that:
exposure times will increase. We cannot generalize as adaptation may or may not require structural parameters to be changed according to the structural features of each solarium. All of our tanning equipment already fully comply with the set irradiation limits and it has not therefore been necessary to decrease the power or exposure limits – which, for extremely tanned skin, do not exceed 12 minutes.

It is TRUE that:
no legal documents have yet been issued in Italy or Europe defining adaptation of equipment already being operated at solariums.

It is TRUE that:
All used equipment marketed after 23 July 2007 must comply with the maximum limit of effective irradiation under 0.3W/m², which must be documented.

*Irradiance is the radiant flux that comes into contact with a surface and is, in the case of sun lamps, their power. It is measured in Watts per square metre.