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Pedana vibrante basculante   Pedana Vibration platform
The vibration platform craze in the US has now come to Italy; it is a machine that allows even the laziest person to keep in shape, 10 minutes at a time, without any effort.
The platform vibrates in a special way to stimulate movement, reproducing the act of walking and thereby stimulating the muscles to benefit the whole body. Only 10 sessions are required to gain visible results, namely:

- Shaping the body
- Weight loss
- Increased blood flow and, as a result, improved circulation to combat cellulite
- Stimulation of the joints to relieve pain                                                                    
- Stimulation of the entire body to alleviate tiredness

Pedana vibrante basculante   USE
You are recommended to use the device 5 to 10 minutes daily to consume the same number of calories as you would in, say, 1 hour of running or training in a gym.
The user can easily adjust the speed and frequency according to his needs and select the required type of physical exercise.

1) Power: 300W
2) Speed range: 50 Levels
3) Width: 0-10mm
4) Frequency: 0-18 reps/s
5) User’s maximum weight: 120Kg-150Kg
6) Broad screen with 3 LED display
7) Display options: time, speed, body fat
8) Three physical exercise programs
9) Overload protection
10) Anti-slip and anti-static platform
11) Dimensions: 700x760x1.210 mm