Equipments for solariums and beauty centres

Tecnosun strongly believes communication is an incisive means for conveying its image as a safe and reliable brand. Investment in this field is two-fold: on the one hand, institutional campaigns focusing on the brand and products are devised and promoted in the most important magazines in the field; on the other hand, Tecnosun helps support companies in the field of communication. How? Whoever chooses Tecnosun’s machinery automatically ensures his centre is a safe place to get a tan, as our equipment is able to boast unparalleled efficiency and reliability. Our machinery will, in other words, make a “sun&tan point”; you may decide whether to enjoy the benefits of our coordinated image and design service or to just purchase the solariums and keep your company name but with the wording “sun&tan point affiliate”. In either case, you enter a circuit synonymous in the mind of the consumer with no-problem tanning. You can resort to the prestige of the internationally acclaimed Tecnosun brand, and more besides: the company provides coordinated, complete and, above all, personalized “sun&tan point” publicity support, offering an outside banner, flyers, leaflets, business cards, loyalty cards and posters, as well as publicity vans.

Tecnosun - Advertising